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The Get to the Point Institute The Rainmaker Transformation Workshop
The Rainmaker




Who should attend?

Individuals and teams seeking a deeper understanding of others in order to maximise business relationships and improve team effectiveness.


Great Rainmakers through the ages have literally brought rain to drought-stricken areas in times of need. They would meditate on finding their balance within, sometimes for weeks on end. The power of this alignment was said to be so powerful that it even brought the surrounding environment into harmony and delivered the soothing rains.

Queen Modjadji is South Africa’s iconic Rainmaker who 'shakes her bangles' over the scorched plains and brings the relief of rain to the landscape. She symbolises the continent's enduring spirit of transformation. Similarly, our recent history is filled with stories of personalities who restored balance in their own lives and in turn effected transformation in our country. Examples include Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jan Smuts, Charlize Theron, Winnie Mandela, Dr. Chris Barnard, Tokyo Sexwale, F.W. De Klerk, Thabo Mbeki and more. Their experiences are narratives for all of us to discover our Rainmaker within.

In addition, the insights of Language Intelligence provide the practical language tools for implementing personal development and engaging one’s Rainmaker with others. The workshop outlines the structure of business communication and highlights the effect of one's communication style on that process. The objective is to develop an effective business communication style by utilising the techniques of Language Intelligence.

What you can expect

Two-day Workshop

  • Maximise the inherent strength in diversity and develop a sense of personal transformation in the context of understanding others – we are people only through other people – Ubuntu
  • Maximise inter-personal communication through an understanding of people profiling
  • Implement Language Intelligence Techniques in the business communication process to enable efficiency


 Day 1  The Rainmaker - Releasing Personal Potential

  • Queen Modjadji's story as South Africa's iconic Rainmaker and symbol of transformation
  • Contemporary SA Rainmakers and their inspiring personal journeys
  • What Rainmakers have in common
  • The secrets of the Rainmaker - activating the motivators within
  • Making rain in your own life - applying the lessons of the Rainmaker

Day 2  Language Intelligence: Effective Communication

  • Review of Communication Styles
  • Your Communication Style revealed
  • The effect of your Communication Style on others
  • Effecive communication with individuals
  • Effctive group communication
  • Structuring communication for various business contexts


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Follow-on Interventionsinclude:

  • Individual talent assessment and management
  • Group/team talent matrix review
  • Group/team talent coaching
  • Professional Business English - writing skills training, presentation skills, running effective meetings
  • Assertiveness Training


Available on request


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