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The Get to the Point Institute The Essential South African Leadership Experience
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South Africa

Who should attend?

Visionary leaders open to a unique exploration of themselves in the context of the history, mythology and beauty that is South Africa.


The Essential South African Leadership Experience for Executives is a journey of leadership lessons experienced in the context of unique destinations across South Africa.

Starting at the mysterious megalithic ruins in Kaapsche Hoop, Mpumalanga, it winds its way through the unspoilt Kruger National Park, explores majestic Cape Town and culminates ‘full circle’ at the Cape of Good Hope, near Cape Point.

Training modules include conceptual and strategic thinking, talent identification and management, motivation and diversity management and language intelligence techniques for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

The excursion is preceded by an executive talent assessment and personal feedback session.

What you can expect

An intervention like no other. Each leadership module is intricately linked with the destination and designed to optimise learning. The inner landscape of the leader is evoked by the experience of the outer landscape.


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Day 1 : Ancient Stone Circle Ruins, Mpumalanga

Module 1: Conceptual and Strategic Thinking

  • The latest scientific theories regarding the origin of Mpumalanga's ancient stone circle ruins profoundly challenge the core of traditionally held beliefs. These 'discoveries' offer the context to explore the personal foundations of natural decision-making patterns in one's leadership style. 

Day 2: Adam's Calendar, Mpumalanga

Module 2: Leading in the Absence of Facts

  • Adam's Calendar is an enigmatic Stonehenge perched on the edge of the Kaapsche Hoop escarpment. There is no doubt that these megaliths served a purposes in ancient times and fathoming the possible function provides the opportunity to explore decision-making in the absence of verifiable facts. The fascinating past meets the elusive future here at the edge of the Barberton Impact Crater.

Day 3: Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga

Module 3: Talent Identification & Management

  • The stakes are always high in the animal kingdom where only the fittest survive. Here we take the time to identify the individual talents that allow you to do what you do best, the patterns of personal success. In addition, we explore the scientifically established language of talents and apply this knowledge to a greater model of talent management in the organisational matrix.

Day 4: Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga

Module 4: The Rainmaker Spirit of Transformation

  • Queen Modjadji is Africa's iconic rainmaker, the continent's custodian of the spirit of transformation. South Africa's recent history abounds with inspirational personalities that have turned their challenges into opportunities. In the tranquility of the bush one can potentially meet this spirit of transformation.

Day 5: Table Mountain, Cape Town

Module 5: Motivation - moving mountains...

  • Table Mountain is a marvel of nature and has been a sign of homecoming to seafarers for centuries. As a symbol of the personality with a light and a shadowy side, the Cape Town landscape lends itself to an exploration of the metaphor of Self, a homecoming in itself. Personal motivation and the motivation of others is the core theme of this module.

Day 6: Robben Island, Cape Town

Module 6: Language Intelligence

  • The effective structuring of language is critical to achieving goals, as is evidenced by Nelson Mandela's handling of the CODESA negotiations that led South Africa out of the apartheid era. Language Intelligence explores effective language structures and introduces the use of a neutral business language. Practical and a highly effective leadership tool.

Day 7: Kirstenbosch, Cape Town

Module 7: The Cape Fynbos Tea Ceremony - Diversity

  • Nestled in the shade of Table Mountain is a luxurious garden of rare and indigenous species. It's here that the oldest symbol of apartheid still grows in the form of a prickly 'cattle barrier' established by early settlers. Simultaneously conscious of the past and the eternal opportunities for rebirth in this oasis, we explore the complexities of the Fynbos biome and and the parallels with human interaction.

Day 8: Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope - Cape Town 

Module 8: Integration

  • The rock formation of Cape Point at the Cape of Good Hope is a powerful metaphor for rock-steady leadership. As the opposing Atlantic and Indian oceans thunder past this magestic outcrop, one is at the point. This stage of the excursion marks the integration of the inner and outer leadership experience, that being the point of this visionary leadership journey.


Maximum 12 visionary leaders


Delegates may optimise their time by dividing the Leadership Experience into two or three day excursions that are learning and destination specific. These individual modules are also suitable for year-end  getaways and strategic session interludes.


International executives find this intervention particularly powerful as it provides an insight into the magic that has become associated with South Africa and her transformation.


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Kruger Park Buffalo
Kruger Park Rhino
Traveling through the Kruger Park
Kruger Park Elephants
View across Stone Circle Ruin near Waterval Boven
Fertility Symbol Stone Circle Ruin near Waterval Boven
Stone Circle Ruin Wall near Waterval Boven

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