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The Get to the Point Institute Ancient Stone Circle Ruins Excursion

Stone Circle Ruins



Kaapsche Hoop, Mpumalanga

Who should attend?

All corporate groups open to a team excursion that challenges perceptions about the origin of man while enjoying the great outdoors of the Mpumalanga escarpment

  • Ideal as an incentive, corporate-getaway or team-building exercise


The most recent theories about the origin and purpose of the thousands of stone circle ruins in Mpumalanga are astounding and challenge accepted norms. The mystifying discoveries stretch the imagination back in time by some 200 000 years and one is confronted with a seemingly fantastic body of evidence about the origin of man himself.

At the centre of the mystery is a ring of stones referred to as Africa's Stonehenge, a monolithic time-piece appropriately named Adam's Calendar. A visit to these ancient sites is a simultaneous experience of past and present. The exploration of recent hypotheses is guaranteed to redefine your conceptual thinking and will identify the unconscious influences at work in your daily decision-making processes.

What you can expect

  • An breakaway to an amazing mountain retreat
  • A fascinating exploration of megalithic sites and ruins
  • Interaction with the wild horses of Kaapsche Hoop
  • Expand existing levels of conceptual and dimensional thinking
  • Also identify the unconscious influences on your daily decision-making processes


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Day 1




  • Depart Johannesburg for a guided tour of an ancient stone circle ruin near the quiet enclave of Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga (two and a half hour drive; half-hour drive from Nelspruit)
  • Evening Workshop in Kaapsche Hoop: Leadership in a Conceptual Context
  • Overnight in the quaint village of Kaapsche Hoop, a former mining village and home to one of the few remaining herds of wild horses in southern Africa

Day 2

  • Guided Tour of Adam's Calendar, the intruiging stone 'time-piece' perched on the edge of the Kaapsche Hoop escarpment
  • Lunch and discussion
  • Afternoon return to Johannesburg or Nelspruit


  • Be sure to bring warm clothes for the misty mountain conditions of Kaapsche Hoop and good walking shoes
  • Cameras are a must, the photo opportunities are magnificent
  • Consider that you may be tempted to stay on so you can enjoy a walk through the 'rock forest'. If you can spare the time, take up the option...


Rate available on request

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Click on an image for a full-size view.

Stone Circle Ruins visible from the highway near Waterval Boven
Stone Circle Ruins encircled by the forests of Mpumalanga
An aerial view of one of the thousands of Ancient Stone Circle Ruins in Mpumalanga
Approaching an Ancient Stone Circle Ruin near Waterval Boven
Stone Circle Ruins Vista near Waterval Boven
A Portion of an ancient stone circle ruin wall
View through Ruins
A 'Brain Stone' at an ancient stone circle ruin
Mysterious stone in the ancient wall
These ancient stone walls resound like church bells when the stones are struck against each other
Approaching the mountain retreat of Kaapsche Hoop
The wild horses of Kaapsche Hoop number in their hundreds

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